“Only through perfectly tended Vines, with minimum yield and a controlled reserve in our cellars, can a truly great wine be produced.”


Most of today’s vines lost through the vine propagation of the 70`s and 80´s their important qualitative features, i.e. lower yields and smaller berries. But it is precisely these small, highly aromatic grapes which concentrate the soil´s minerals, the abundant summer`s sun, with sufficient moisture from the depths, which are then brought to absolute ripeness.

Therefore in 2004 we selected and reproduced the best 50 year old and over vines from our finest vine block “Mandelberg”. By 2006 we were able for the first time to plant our own Weißburgunder and then in 2007 we planted our very own Graubugrunder.

But nature alone cannot produce a fine wine. Should Mother Nature be too kind to us, we cut back the young shoots in spring and the berries in summer. High quantity and high quality do not go together.

Vintage allowing, we can offer our Weißburgunder and Grauburgunder in each of our quality lines:
From light and fruity summer wines, full creamed bodied reserve wines, to full matured and opulent prestige items in limited edition.